A. Definitions
For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the following capitalized terms shall, unless otherwise specified, bear the following meanings:
“Benefits” means such benefits and privileges as may be extended by QGOLF from time to time end for such periods as QGOLF may at its own discretion deem fit, to the program cardholder.
“Program” means the QGOLF privileges card program and it’s operated by PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA.
“Cardholder” means person registered with the program unless otherwise specified and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions, as amended for time at the sole discretion of PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA.

B. Program
The program entities you to enjoy the facilities and privileges as stipulated by the PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA privileges committee. The program allows its cardholder to play unlimited golf with lowest green fees but all other charges, buggy or caddy fee, food & beverages, insurances, service charge and tax maybe applied, getting prior confirmation of fees and availability is advised to avoid any disappointments. The QGOLF card is strictly non-transferable and can be used only by the person whose name is imprinted to card. QGOLF reserves the right to revoke cardholder program or refuse program extension is any forms of abuse or inappropriate behavior is reported.
Cardholder must notify QGOLF immediately any changes of address or of a lost or stolen privilege card. IDR 100.000 is chargeable for replacement of damaged, lost or stolen. The program expires annually. The program card and all benefits will no longer be valid after expired. Misconduct fraud or misuses of the program benefits will result in immediate withdraw of program.
PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA reserves the absolute right to withhold renewing the program of the QGOLF networking privilege card program or sending of any correspondence and promotional news. Information supplied by the cardholder may be used by and shared between QGOLF and its business partners for their administrative, public relation and marketing purposes and where necessary, to operate and promote the program at QGOLF sole and absolute discretion.

C. Program Participating Club
Cardholder must observe club policies with regards to proper golf attire, golfing etiquette, booking procedures, handicap requirements etc. Any member accused of infringement of the rules of golf, and failure to abide by the individual club regulations on etiquette and attire will result in their membership being withdrawn without compensation. QGOLF card allows the member the right to enjoy the benefits of participating clubs that are under the contract of QGOLF the cardholders is advised to pay special attention to the condition stipulated. Cancelation must be made at least 24 hours prior to the tee-off time, otherwise a fee will be imposed, subject to participating clubs cancelation charge this would also be applied to golfers who do not shown up at the tee-off time. PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA and its agents shall not be responsible or liable for any participating clubs not honoring the program, however we will make every effort to offer an alternative golfing option, if so desired.

D. Benefit and Privileges
Cardholder must present their valid card in order to receive the benefits. 24 hours advance booking is required with the QGOLF office. Benefits are neither refundable not exchangeable for cash unless otherwise stated. PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA reserves the right to substitute cardholder choice of benefits with benefits of equivalent value. Benefits are subject to further terms and conditions as stipulated by the participating merchants. PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA shall not be liable in any way to the cardholder whether in contract or otherwise for any direct loss damage how so ever caused or arising from.

E. General
PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA gives no representation or warranty whatever express or implied as to condition suit ability quality fitness or safety of goods or services extended under the program of QGOLF business partner or any participating merchants under the program do not have any authority express of implied to make any representation warranty statement on behalf of PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA. PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA reserves the rights to (1) suspend or terminated the program anytime without prior notice (2) assign or sell the program to another company where in all rights and obligation under these program term without any consent and may disclose or transfer all information held in the cardholder’s account to prospective or actual new company.
PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA reserves the right to add or remove golf clubs from golf club listing as deemed necessary to protect its interest and investments and change golfing benefits as deemed necessary without prior notice. PT. QUALITAS ANDALAN BERSAMA reserves the right to change or very at any time and without prior notice of these terms and conditions.