Indonesian Citizens: IDR 4.700.000 / Foreigner: IDR 6.200.000
Indonesian Citizens: IDR 3.000.000 / Foreigner: IDR 4.000.000
Indonesian Citizens: IDR 3.900.000 / Foreigner: IDR 5.000.000
Indonesian Citizens: IDR 29.000.000 / Foreigner: IDR 34.000.000
Indonesian Citizens: IDR 2.500.000 / Foreigner: IDR 3.500.000


QGolf is a membership that offers a special program to help you saving and play more golf in various golf courses across Indonesia
Experience the privilege to play more and pay less in more than 30 golf course and driving range, and also enjoy the special rate in several hotels and other merchants such a restaurant, cafe, spa, jewelry store and club fitting by being QGolf member. QGolf card and its benefits are provided for exclusively use of the member and are nontransferable.

QGolf have five types of membership to suits your preferences for playing golf :

Premium Card – Gold Series

Join our Premium membership now to enjoy all of the advantage of special membership offering. With Rp 4.700.000,- (Indonesian) and Rp 6.200.000,- (Foreigner) annual membership you can enjoy the benefits:

  • Special rate in various selected courses across Indonesia
  • Special rate available from Monday to Sunday (AM and PM)
  • Weekend playing rate discount until 70% from QGolf
  • Available to playing 2×18 holes in same golf course on the same day
  • Member will be compensated up to IDR 25 million in case of any accident or death*