Company History
PT Qualitas Andalan Bersama, was established on April 16th 2013. Known as QGolf, which has grown to be one of the national golf communities in Indonesia. It was established by Noldi Noviandie along with his partners, they aim to provide convenience and benefits for members and partners. QGolf also constantly developing new ways in doing business that allow QGOLF to continue to grow.

Provide convenience, comfort, and efficiency for its members to be able to play golf in every golf course in Indonesia and overseas.

1. Wholeheartedly serves the members.
2. Organizes tournaments and entertaining events for the members.
3. Provides maximum benefits for the members.
4. Optimizes comfort for the partners and convenience for the members.

Company Goal
Our company goal is to aspired ourselves and also for wider community to manage business nationally.

About The Company
On the fifth year QGolf has around 3.000 active members and is already working with more than 30 golf courses, 40 hotels and also other merchants that scattered in several regions in Indonesia. Cooperation with our business partners will continue and nourished to be developed in order to fulfill the vision and mission of the company. QGolf also organize golf tournament regularly each month. Golf tournament is held as one of loyalty program for its members and also to meet and build networking with other golf players. With reliable resources and the full support of business partners making the tournament organized by QGolf always be awaited for the members.

Company Brand
QGolf stands for Quality Golf, a combination of the name of the company and our main business scope. QGolf brand is also representing our expectation in delivering service to the customer so that the members will be able to play golf with good quality. QGolf logo formed by modern and dynamic typography with vibrant color selection consists of yellow and green. Yellow refers to the energy, cooperation, happiness, joy, warmth, loyalty, and stimulate activity and attract attention. The green color indicates the color of the earth, growth, success, balance, friendship, and soothes the mind and stimulates creativity.

Download QGolf logo in PDF file and high resolution here.

Our Product
QGolf released four types of cards to suits the needs of individual and corporate. There are 4 types of individual cards, the Red Card, the Elder Card – Silver edition, the Easy Card – Green edition and Premium Card – Gold edition. Each card provides different facilities that tailored to meet the needs of each individual. For corporate, QGolf has the Corporate Card – Blue edition that specially made for entrepreneurs and business people that actively socialize and engaged through golf for business or pleasure. QGolf also continue to develop systematic work to facilitate members and prospective members, such as online registration, information that is continuously updated and integrated reservation procedure.